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Loan and 500 Plus – Check who gives!


April 9, 2019 Loan companies verify the creditworthiness of their clients by far more precisely than the common opinion would suggest. A lot of companies cooperate with BIK, and the vast majority use BIG debtors’ registers. However, the availability of loans is still one of the biggest advantages of non-bank institutions. You can successfully apply for, for example, a loan for the provision of 500+. Check what other sources of income are accepted by loan companies. 

A 500 plus loan – where is it possible?

A 500 plus loan - where is it possible?

Until now, the 500+ benefit for the second child could have been collected by all families regardless of the income earned. Currently, the government is working on introducing changes to the terms of financing and it is possible that from July even the parents raising one child will receive an additional injection of cash. According to the law, the 500+ benefit can be considered as a fixed income of the family, which increases the creditworthiness. It is not surprising, therefore, that 500+ beneficiaries in many banks can count on promotions or cash loans on more favorable terms. However, this applies only to consumer loans, because additional family benefits will not affect the granting of, for example, a mortgage loan for a high amount.

Loan companies verify the creditworthiness of their clients definitely more accurately than the current opinion would suggest. A lot of companies cooperate with BIK, and the vast majority use BIG debtors’ registers. However, the availability of loans is still one of the biggest advantages of non-bank institutions. An online loan without verification of income is not possible, but its source is a secondary matter.

Many companies offering loans without certificates verify only the amount of inflows to our bank account. Thanks to this, our chances of cash injection are much greater than when applying for a loan in a bank, and clients can successfully apply for, for example, loans for family benefits. The 500+ loan can be found in both the payday and installment loans sector.

What income does the lender accept?

What income does the lender accept?

In the majority of loan companies, the creditworthiness of customers is verified in a very flexible way. When applying for, for example, loans without certificates, the only criterion we must meet is to have regular income at a certain level. The monthly supplement of PLN 500 for the second child had a positive impact on the financial situation of many households. A moment after the start of the program, dozens of loan offers on the Internet have appeared on the Internet. This is not the only example of non-standard sources of earnings accepted by lenders.

Financial institutions always adjust their offer to the situation on the labor market. Currently, many companies offer their employees hybrid contracts, where, for example, a contract of employment covers only a small part of the monthly salary. Employees who have two contracts in companies belonging to the same owner should not have problems with obtaining a loan or loan, especially if they can prove at least a year’s work experience. The loan can also be counted by people who work under managerial or seafaring contracts, because contracts are treated by a majority of institutions as fixed-term employment contracts. Extremely favorable conditions can also be found in loan offers for free professions. What other sources of income do you accept the lender?

Main source doch. Additional source doch. Unacceptable income.
  • contract of employment
  • contract work
  • contract of mandate
  • contracts for uniformed services
  • management contracts
  • retirement and pension
  • economic activity
  • agricultural activity
  • agency agreements
  • appointment
  • lease and tenancy agreements
  • family benefits (e.g., 500+)
  • maintenance
  • odd work during studies
  • scholarships
  • income from abroad transferred to a Polish account
  • some benefits
  • other sources of income from which the tax is paid




  • income derived exclusively from maintenance
  • social pension paid by MOPS
  • benefits from the Social Welfare Center
  • internship at the Labor Office
  • income from a contract of employment outside of Poland
  • income from renting a property
  • some social benefits


A loan for family benefits and alimony – the conditions we must meet

A loan for family benefits and alimony - the conditions we must meet

Currently, many people in Poland benefit from family benefits paid by the state. These include benefits and supplements, care and parental benefits, carer’s allowance and childbirth allowance. The amounts may be insufficient when unexpected expenses happen. Then the first thought is usually a loan or credit. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this type of income, banks usually refuse to grant credit. In this situation, the best option will be non-banking loans granted via the Internet.

Acceptance of the application and granting of financing will depend on factors such as our credit history in BIK and possible entries in the debtors’ registers. A non-bank loan for family allowance and alimony is possible provided that such benefits form part of our income but are not our only source of income, or if the total amount of fixed benefits may constitute a guarantee of timely repayment. The type of service is also important. Problems with obtaining a loan from a bank may have, for example, people who only maintain maintenance, which in theory should be allocated to meet the current needs of the child and not to pay off new obligations. The only exception is the alimony granted to the person submitting the application. When applying for a loan for benefits, the amount may be a problem. The maximum amount of the fixed benefit paid by the Municipal Social Assistance Center in 2019 will amount to PLN 645, therefore the loan for the MOPS benefit is not a widely offered product.

Is a loan without work and permanent income possible?

Is a loan without work and permanent income possible?

The unemployment rate in Poland is falling, but many of us still have problems finding a stable job. Even a temporary lack of employment can contribute to serious financial problems. Then the only solution seems to be loans for the unemployed. Taking a loan without an employment contract is not a problem if we have an alternative source of income that is accepted by the institution. It is worth paying attention to the information form available on the lender’s website and the method of checking the identity of the borrower. If the company uses instant customer verification, there is a good chance that the lender will recognize all income affecting our bank account. In case of doubt, it is worth contacting a representative of the company by telephone who will explain the terms of the loan agreement. Due to the high credit risk, payday loans as proof without a standard source of income are usually granted for amounts ranging from PLN 100 to PLN 3,000. If you are interested in a higher loan without income then you probably will have to take advantage of the car loan offer or a guarantee.

The income earned and the borrower’s borrowing capacity

The income earned and the borrower

Most loan companies cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau and therefore use BIK scoring to assess the creditworthiness of clients. Loan companies, like banks, verify such factors as:

  • the number of liabilities actually incurred,
  • a positive credit history based on regularly repaid loans and credits,
  • marital status,
  • residence status,
  • number of dependents,
  • the amount of monthly liabilities,
  • amount of earnings.

Monthly net income is the most important aspect that financial institutions pay attention to. The period of obtaining income from a given source is also important, which allows you to assess the level of professional stability of the client. Loan companies, unlike banks, accept almost all income, even those from temporary pensions or so-called work in black. Thanks to this, almost everyone has the chance to get a payday loan or installment loan.

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