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Easy Loan – The First Free Up Loan

The company DY Finance was founded on November 13, 1997 in Latvia. Currently, it is a leading loan company servicing over 400,000 customers. The company received a license from the Consumer Rights Protection Center at the Ministry of Economics for granting loans / credits and providing financial services. In August 2012, DY Finance opened a representative office in Poland – MetCredit. The scope of the company’s activity includes the provision of financial services for individual clients via the Internet.

Loan advisers work 7 days a week, from Monday to Friday they help us from 7:00 to 22:00, and on weekends from 9:00 to 20:00.

The first free loan up to PLN 1,500

The first free loan up to PLN 1,500

Non-bank institution Easy Kredyt specializes in short-term loans, so-called payday loans online. The lender’s offer includes loans ranging from PLN 100 to even PLN 3000. The repayment period, however, ranges from 15 to 30 days. What’s more, new customers receive their first loan for free, and may request a fine of PLN 1,500. Borrowing for the second time, the loan amount increases and can reach up to PLN 3,000. Such a sum is a perfect solution to cover medium and large expenses.

Conditions for taking a payday loan

Conditions for taking a payday loan


Remember that the verification basis is the transfer of a symbolic 1 groszy from our account to the Easy Loan account. It is important that the title of transfers is correct – “I have read and agree with the terms of the regulations and loan agreement from the company MepCredit “. It is our consent to the conditions under which the contract will be concluded and the basis for positive verification and payment of the loan.

Easy Loan – how to take a loan step by step?

Easy Loan - how to take a loan step by step?

Easy Loan loan is 100% online. So that the customer will receive cash without leaving home. We will need a mobile phone, a bank account and ID card to take a short trip.

The first step is to select the appropriate loan amount and the repayment period. After selecting the amount we are interested in, we are redirected to the registration form, which must be filled in, providing only the necessary personal data.

The next third step is to make a verification fee in the form of 1 gr. The transfer should be made from the bank account we own. In this way, we will confirm our identity. In the next stage we will receive a loan agreement with which we should read carefully. Then the data provided by us will be verified – if we meet all the conditions, the cash will go to the previously specified bank account.

What is worth emphasizing, Easy Loan also allows you to withdraw cash through a GIRO check. In order to select this method when submitting the application, one should check the option – “Payment of a loan by means of a GIRO check”. Check how to get a loan in Easy Loan!

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