Creating A Paleo Shopping List Is Not Simple

I am a home health care worker, and part of my job is running errands for my clients. While it used to be as simple as 1-2-3, there are many people who are eating specialized diets. This makes it more complicated to shop for groceries, especially when they are not very clear about what should be included on the list.

paleo-shopping-listI have one client who has tried losing weight many times, and now she is convinced that eating a Paleo diet will make her change for the better. She has only done minimal research, yet she expects me to go and buy all she needs.

While doing added work does not seem to be part of my job description, I don’t mind. All I need to do is look online for shopping list ideas that are for people who follow a Paleo diet. Since there are so many people eating this way, I am sure that I will stumble across something if I keep looking. Even though I am not the one who prepares her meals, it is nice knowing that I play a vital role in making sure that she eats well each day. Creating the best Paleo Shopping List is a huge part of that.