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Smart Loan is a new company established in June 2014. The loan company is a new child of Mała Loan, which also manages the Loan Plus brand. Mandes Group sp. Z o. O. Was founded in Lithuania in 2010 and since then has expanded its activities to operate on a vast area at present. Mandes Group is also a member of the Loan Companies Association.

Smart loan – free first loan up to 3000 PLN

Smart loan - free first loan up to 3000 PLN

Smart Loan offers payday loans for people from 19 to 73 years, for an amount of up to PLN 7,000, but we will get the first online loan for a maximum of PLN 2000 (it is a free loan with an interest rate of 0%). The second loan is offered in the amount of PLN 3,500, the third and fourth one from the amount of PLN 4,000. From the fifth loan, we can take 5000 zlotys, from the seventh 6000. We can take a thousand more from a loan of 9. The moment cap is granted for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 days. New Smart Clients. Loans can count on a 30-day free payday. After this period, we can extend the repayment period to 10, 20 or 30 days. Smart Loan does not check BIK, it is characterized by a fast inference process and fast payout.

Conditions for taking a loan in Smart Loan

Conditions for taking a loan in Smart Loan

To reach for a loan in Smart Loan you must meet the requirements of the lender. One of them is the borrower’s right age. In the case of Smart Loan it is 19-73 years. Thanks to this, both students and pensioners can apply for a loan. We will also need proof to take the loan. It is from this that we will have to provide the most important data in the application. It is also necessary to have a fixed income to get a loan. The lender must know that we are a reliable person who can afford to repay the loan on time.

As Smart Loan pays money to the bank account of the applicant, a bank account will be necessary. Often, a verification fee is made. However, the method of confirming the identity largely depends on the requirements of the lenders. As Smart Loan customers, we should also have an active mobile phone and e-mail address. They will help us contact the lender.

How to take out a loan in Smart Loan?

How to take out a loan in Smart Loan?

In order to reach for a loan in Smart Loan, it is enough to go to the lender’s website and use the sliders placed there to choose the loan amount we are interested in and the period of its repayment. After making the right choice, go to fill in the application. All data provided in it will be verified by the lender. It is worth checking their correctness. This will improve the process of considering the application as well as withdrawing money from the loan.

After submitting the completed application, we can expect a message indicating how to verify the data. We will receive such information by phone or e-mail. After completing all the commands, we can count on a quick payment of money. They should appear on our account within a dozen or so minutes.

The cost of a payday loan in Smart Loan

The cost of a payday loan in Smart Loan

A big plus of Smart Loans is that it is provided completely on-line. In addition, the company values ​​loyal customers, so if we pay off the first minute on time, we can count on much faster verification and more attractive terms with subsequent loans. When applying for a payday, we need to set up an individual account on the lender’s website. It is useful for checking the condition of our loan. Using the panel, we can also extend the repayment of our payday. However, if we are ready for early repayment of debt, we can do it. It is important, however, to notify the lender in advance that you want to pay off your debt. The payment of the payday will take place as in the case of regular installments.

The costs of extending the repayment date

The costs of extending the repayment date

Every customer who uses a free loan, in the event of problems, can expect an extension of its repayment date. He can do that for the number of days the loan was taken. Detailed information on postponing the term of the loan can be found in the terms and conditions of the promotion placed on the lender’s website. If regular customers have problems with repayment, they can reach for a refinancing loan. The company will be contacted by a friend company with a lender that provides similar services. The loan will be refinanced by the number of days for which the customer originally took out the loan.

If the loan is not repaid on time, the client is obliged to pay the total amount of the loan, which consists of: loan amount, loan commission and costs related to the actions taken to recover the debt. The debt collection and writ-up activities consist of: reminders sent via SMS messages, reminders sent via email, written requests for payment sent by registered mail, possibly telephone reminders and interest for delayed payment of loans are calculated in the amount of maximum interest specified in art. 359 § 2 (1) of the Civil Code, ie four times the Lombard loan amount of the National Bank of Poland.

  600 PLN 1000 PLN PLN 1,500 PLN 2,000 PLN 2,500
10 days PLN 129 PLN 209 PLN 299 PLN 389 PLN 449
20 days PLN 159 PLN 239 PLN 359 PLN 469 PLN 569
30 days 199 PLN PLN 309 PLN 439 PLN 569 PLN 659

The cost of prompts

If the loan is not repaid on time, the client is obliged to pay the total amount of the loan, which consists of the loan amount, a loan commission and costs related to the actions taken to recover the debt. The debt collection and writ-up activities consist of: reminders sent via SMS messages, reminders sent via email, written requests for payment sent by registered mail, possibly telephone reminders and interest for delayed payment of loans are calculated in the amount of maximum interest specified in art. 359 § 2 (1) of the Civil Code, ie four times the Lombard loan amount of the National Bank of Poland.

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Easy Loan – The First Free Up Loan http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/04/12/easy-loan-the-first-free-up-loan/ http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/04/12/easy-loan-the-first-free-up-loan/#respond Fri, 12 Apr 2019 10:08:55 +0000 http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/04/12/easy-loan-the-first-free-up-loan/

The company DY Finance was founded on November 13, 1997 in Latvia. Currently, it is a leading loan company servicing over 400,000 customers. The company received a license from the Consumer Rights Protection Center at the Ministry of Economics for granting loans / credits and providing financial services. In August 2012, DY Finance opened a representative office in Poland – MetCredit. The scope of the company’s activity includes the provision of financial services for individual clients via the Internet.

Loan advisers work 7 days a week, from Monday to Friday they help us from 7:00 to 22:00, and on weekends from 9:00 to 20:00.

The first free loan up to PLN 1,500

The first free loan up to PLN 1,500

Non-bank institution Easy Kredyt specializes in short-term loans, so-called payday loans online. The lender’s offer includes loans ranging from PLN 100 to even PLN 3000. The repayment period, however, ranges from 15 to 30 days. What’s more, new customers receive their first loan for free, and may request a fine of PLN 1,500. Borrowing for the second time, the loan amount increases and can reach up to PLN 3,000. Such a sum is a perfect solution to cover medium and large expenses.

Conditions for taking a payday loan

Conditions for taking a payday loan


Remember that the verification basis is the transfer of a symbolic 1 groszy from our account to the Easy Loan account. It is important that the title of transfers is correct – “I have read and agree with the terms of the regulations and loan agreement from the company MepCredit “. It is our consent to the conditions under which the contract will be concluded and the basis for positive verification and payment of the loan.

Easy Loan – how to take a loan step by step?

Easy Loan - how to take a loan step by step?

Easy Loan loan is 100% online. So that the customer will receive cash without leaving home. We will need a mobile phone, a bank account and ID card to take a short trip.

The first step is to select the appropriate loan amount and the repayment period. After selecting the amount we are interested in, we are redirected to the registration form, which must be filled in, providing only the necessary personal data.

The next third step is to make a verification fee in the form of 1 gr. The transfer should be made from the bank account we own. In this way, we will confirm our identity. In the next stage we will receive a loan agreement with which we should read carefully. Then the data provided by us will be verified – if we meet all the conditions, the cash will go to the previously specified bank account.

What is worth emphasizing, Easy Loan also allows you to withdraw cash through a GIRO check. In order to select this method when submitting the application, one should check the option – “Payment of a loan by means of a GIRO check”. Check how to get a loan in Easy Loan!

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Consumption Loans for Distortion – Need Money for Distortion? http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/03/19/consumption-loans-for-distortion-need-money-for-distortion/ http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/03/19/consumption-loans-for-distortion-need-money-for-distortion/#respond Tue, 19 Mar 2019 16:52:30 +0000 http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/03/19/consumption-loans-for-distortion-need-money-for-distortion/

We all know the feeling. The cool event is at the door, but there is low tide in the account. It may be you want to Distortion, at a festival or on summer holidays with your friends. If you are considering a consumer loan for the Distortion week, you can easily apply for it online.

It is always free and non-committal to seek consumer loans and we help you find the cheapest. No providers will ask what the money will be spent on. They just want to assess your application and private finances – if it is good enough, you will receive a loan offer.

Need Money for the Distortion Week?

Need Money for the Distortion Week?

Do You Need Money For Distortion Week? Thousands of Danes participate, but not everyone has a lot of money in the account. If you are missing 3,000 or 5,000 additional in your account, consider a consumer loan. It can secure you a cool week that you can pay for afterwards.

If you choose to apply with providers Hypocredit and Lenderspo, you can even apply for 4,000 free as a new customer. That way you get money upfront, without having to cost you a penny.

Loans for Distortion – easy and without question

Loans for Distortion - easy and without question

Many Danes each year choose to take out a small loan for Distortion online and there are many reasons for this. One is that not everyone can or has remembered to save enough money. That means you suddenly have many thousands in your account. Because when it first needs gas, it will cost money for drinks and food.

The fact that some people choose to search online is largely because it is easier and faster to be approved here. Especially if you are looking for a small loan, the bank will typically reject your request. And if you do not have the opportunity to break the account, then you have to consider alternatives.

The network providers are by far the fastest, easiest and simple way to money in the account. For even if the bank can help you, it is not abnormal the treatment time is weeks, rather than days. So long, few distortion have more time, unless you are out in good time.

If you are looking for a consumer loan for Distortion 2016, you should choose a provider with quick processing time. You will find this in our top 3 above. Get started applying for free and without any commitment. You do this only after you have signed the agreement with your NemID signature.

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Loans in protest and bad payers http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/26/loans-in-protest-and-bad-payers/ http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/26/loans-in-protest-and-bad-payers/#respond Tue, 26 Feb 2019 15:02:48 +0000 http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/26/loans-in-protest-and-bad-payers/

Protested or bad payers? There is always talk of financial vulnerability, but the legislation in this regard distinguishes well between the two ‘categories’. The protestant is the one who can end up in the Register of Protestants of the Chamber of Commerce, for a full insolvency.

The bad payer has problems in returning a loan requested, but then he welds it, without getting to be imprisoned in the ‘mesh’ of the protest network. In this case, however, you are filed in the so-called Central Risk Centers that the various financial institutions consult each time someone turns to them to ask for financial help.

And how to get a new loan if you are protested or bad payers? Are you both in a cauldron of general distrust towards us or is there a chance to get out of our financial distress?

A bit of clarity

We try to clarify, starting from a simple information: what exactly is a ‘protest’? It is a public deed that shows that the debtor has not honored the payment of a debt towards a creditor who then turns to the law to get it back, that is ‘raise the protest’.

The officers of the levy (judicial officers, notaries and municipal secretaries) send on the first day of each month to the president of the Chamber of Commerce the list of protests raised for non-payment of promissory notes, bills accepted and bank checks, as well as the list of complaints for non-acceptance of bills. In fact, it is precisely the chambers of commerce that “manage” the list of protestors who, in order to increase the transparency of commercial relations, place them in the Register, within ten days of receiving the report. The computer registration ensures completeness, homogeneity and timeliness of information throughout the national territory. Each protest is kept there for five years from the registration date and disappears after that date even if the debt has not been paid.

Of course, it is taken within 12 months from the rising of the protest and the inclusion in the sad list of prior payment for unlawful or erroneous nature of the protest, for rehabilitation.

Then we turn to the chamber of commerce with the necessary documentation, especially in the case of bills paid at this point. Slightly different speech to cancel the protest of a bank check : instead it is necessary to request and obtain rehabilitation through the Court competent for the area or residence.

And the bad payer?

And the bad payer?

And we come to the bad payer: it is those who have delayed the payment of one or more installments of funding. Only a delay, of course, but there is the possibility of being included in the Credit Systems (SC), where you stay up to 36 months. This means that in all this time it will become much more difficult to ask for new credit.

How do data come from one that simply has a payment delay? It is the credit institutions that pass the relevant insolvency data, respecting the privacy criteria according to a code of ethics that came into force in 2005 and naturally with a certain tolerance, in the sense that communication to the SC starts after the non-payment is not made over two consecutive months from the deadline. Also in this case, however, at least 15 days before the bank or the financial advises of the risk of ending up in the list, to give the possibility to regularize the position.

But how long do you stay visible in SC, if you do not pay?


  • 12 months for delays in payment of 1 or 2 installments;
  • 24 months for delays in payment of 3 or more installments;
  • 36 months in case of loans not repaid or with serious default.

But can you have a new loan?

At this point, both from protested and from bad payer, how to get a new loan?

Among the solutions, however, linked to those who are employees or retirees, there is the assignment of the fifth salary or pension, or a demonstrable fixed income and already in itself ‘guarantor’ and able to eliminate the risk of insolvency. In fact, the installment is held directly in the paycheck or on the pension.

If the appeal to the fifth is not sufficient, however, there is the so-called ‘double fifth’ loan formula: the installment can go up to the transfer of two fifths of the monthly salary, which makes it usable only to employees.

Employees are still ‘privileged’ compared to other forms of workers, such as the self-employed, if instead of assigning the fifth (or double-fifth), they opt to guarantee their severance indemnity, severance indemnity, in short.

A further alternative concerns the surety, under which another person can guarantee repayment of installments instead of the principal debtor.

Also worthy of note are loans with the signing of bills of exchange with interest rates and fixed installments. As well as the request for a loan by putting their properties as collateral with an ad hoc mortgage. Fortunately, such a procedure can also be requested by those who can not prove that they have a fixed monthly income and their home or property becomes their personal source of guarantee to access the loan, eliminating at least on this occasion, the gap between the privileges of employees (who already have advantages only for the fact of being!) and who not only does not have the security of a salary, but is likely to sink even more in the black hole of a life without certainties.

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Loan and 500 Plus – Check who gives! http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/26/loan-and-500-plus-check-who-gives/ http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/26/loan-and-500-plus-check-who-gives/#respond Tue, 26 Feb 2019 10:18:04 +0000 http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/26/loan-and-500-plus-check-who-gives/


April 9, 2019 Loan companies verify the creditworthiness of their clients by far more precisely than the common opinion would suggest. A lot of companies cooperate with BIK, and the vast majority use BIG debtors’ registers. However, the availability of loans is still one of the biggest advantages of non-bank institutions. You can successfully apply for, for example, a loan for the provision of 500+. Check what other sources of income are accepted by loan companies. 

A 500 plus loan – where is it possible?

A 500 plus loan - where is it possible?

Until now, the 500+ benefit for the second child could have been collected by all families regardless of the income earned. Currently, the government is working on introducing changes to the terms of financing and it is possible that from July even the parents raising one child will receive an additional injection of cash. According to the law, the 500+ benefit can be considered as a fixed income of the family, which increases the creditworthiness. It is not surprising, therefore, that 500+ beneficiaries in many banks can count on promotions or cash loans on more favorable terms. However, this applies only to consumer loans, because additional family benefits will not affect the granting of, for example, a mortgage loan for a high amount.

Loan companies verify the creditworthiness of their clients definitely more accurately than the current opinion would suggest. A lot of companies cooperate with BIK, and the vast majority use BIG debtors’ registers. However, the availability of loans is still one of the biggest advantages of non-bank institutions. An online loan without verification of income is not possible, but its source is a secondary matter.

Many companies offering loans without certificates verify only the amount of inflows to our bank account. Thanks to this, our chances of cash injection are much greater than when applying for a loan in a bank, and clients can successfully apply for, for example, loans for family benefits. The 500+ loan can be found in both the payday and installment loans sector.

What income does the lender accept?

What income does the lender accept?

In the majority of loan companies, the creditworthiness of customers is verified in a very flexible way. When applying for, for example, loans without certificates, the only criterion we must meet is to have regular income at a certain level. The monthly supplement of PLN 500 for the second child had a positive impact on the financial situation of many households. A moment after the start of the program, dozens of loan offers on the Internet have appeared on the Internet. This is not the only example of non-standard sources of earnings accepted by lenders.

Financial institutions always adjust their offer to the situation on the labor market. Currently, many companies offer their employees hybrid contracts, where, for example, a contract of employment covers only a small part of the monthly salary. Employees who have two contracts in companies belonging to the same owner should not have problems with obtaining a loan or loan, especially if they can prove at least a year’s work experience. The loan can also be counted by people who work under managerial or seafaring contracts, because contracts are treated by a majority of institutions as fixed-term employment contracts. Extremely favorable conditions can also be found in loan offers for free professions. What other sources of income do you accept the lender?

Main source doch. Additional source doch. Unacceptable income.
  • contract of employment
  • contract work
  • contract of mandate
  • contracts for uniformed services
  • management contracts
  • retirement and pension
  • economic activity
  • agricultural activity
  • agency agreements
  • appointment
  • lease and tenancy agreements
  • family benefits (e.g., 500+)
  • maintenance
  • odd work during studies
  • scholarships
  • income from abroad transferred to a Polish account
  • some benefits
  • other sources of income from which the tax is paid




  • income derived exclusively from maintenance
  • social pension paid by MOPS
  • benefits from the Social Welfare Center
  • internship at the Labor Office
  • income from a contract of employment outside of Poland
  • income from renting a property
  • some social benefits


A loan for family benefits and alimony – the conditions we must meet

A loan for family benefits and alimony - the conditions we must meet

Currently, many people in Poland benefit from family benefits paid by the state. These include benefits and supplements, care and parental benefits, carer’s allowance and childbirth allowance. The amounts may be insufficient when unexpected expenses happen. Then the first thought is usually a loan or credit. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this type of income, banks usually refuse to grant credit. In this situation, the best option will be non-banking loans granted via the Internet.

Acceptance of the application and granting of financing will depend on factors such as our credit history in BIK and possible entries in the debtors’ registers. A non-bank loan for family allowance and alimony is possible provided that such benefits form part of our income but are not our only source of income, or if the total amount of fixed benefits may constitute a guarantee of timely repayment. The type of service is also important. Problems with obtaining a loan from a bank may have, for example, people who only maintain maintenance, which in theory should be allocated to meet the current needs of the child and not to pay off new obligations. The only exception is the alimony granted to the person submitting the application. When applying for a loan for benefits, the amount may be a problem. The maximum amount of the fixed benefit paid by the Municipal Social Assistance Center in 2019 will amount to PLN 645, therefore the loan for the MOPS benefit is not a widely offered product.

Is a loan without work and permanent income possible?

Is a loan without work and permanent income possible?

The unemployment rate in Poland is falling, but many of us still have problems finding a stable job. Even a temporary lack of employment can contribute to serious financial problems. Then the only solution seems to be loans for the unemployed. Taking a loan without an employment contract is not a problem if we have an alternative source of income that is accepted by the institution. It is worth paying attention to the information form available on the lender’s website and the method of checking the identity of the borrower. If the company uses instant customer verification, there is a good chance that the lender will recognize all income affecting our bank account. In case of doubt, it is worth contacting a representative of the company by telephone who will explain the terms of the loan agreement. Due to the high credit risk, payday loans as proof without a standard source of income are usually granted for amounts ranging from PLN 100 to PLN 3,000. If you are interested in a higher loan without income then you probably will have to take advantage of the car loan offer or a guarantee.

The income earned and the borrower’s borrowing capacity

The income earned and the borrower

Most loan companies cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau and therefore use BIK scoring to assess the creditworthiness of clients. Loan companies, like banks, verify such factors as:

  • the number of liabilities actually incurred,
  • a positive credit history based on regularly repaid loans and credits,
  • marital status,
  • residence status,
  • number of dependents,
  • the amount of monthly liabilities,
  • amount of earnings.

Monthly net income is the most important aspect that financial institutions pay attention to. The period of obtaining income from a given source is also important, which allows you to assess the level of professional stability of the client. Loan companies, unlike banks, accept almost all income, even those from temporary pensions or so-called work in black. Thanks to this, almost everyone has the chance to get a payday loan or installment loan.

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Quick cash – Opinions About the Time Spent http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/25/quick-cash-opinions-about-the-time-spent/ http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/25/quick-cash-opinions-about-the-time-spent/#respond Mon, 25 Feb 2019 10:49:23 +0000 http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/25/quick-cash-opinions-about-the-time-spent/

Payday Loan is a Polish loan company. The company operates completely online, it means that we submit a request for a payment by completing the form on the website, then, if the verification is successful, the money is transferred to our bank account. Payday Loan boasts above all the fast loan process, but also a small amount of formalities to meet and a short and simple application form.

Quick Cash – loan offer

Quick Cash - loan offer

Szybka Cash gives short-term loans in the amount of PLN 100 to PLN 7,000. Tempas are granted for a period of 1 to 30 days. New customers can take advantage of the promotion of the first free loan up to PLN 2,000. What distinguishes the company is the fact that even new clients can apply for the maximum amount of the loan, ie PLN 6,000. This is one of the highest amounts of the first loan.

The company offers us a Bonus for recommending it to her friends. To receive the bonus, all you have to do is send a friend an email or SMS from our profile with a loan in Quick Cash, if a friend registers on the site and applies for a loan, we will get a discount of 40 PLN for another loan. Every time a person who passes the link from us receives his first loan, we will get a discount!

Loan costs in Quick Cash

If we decide on a loan of PLN 500 for 30 days, we will have to pay PLN 641.30. A loan of PLN 1,000 would involve a cost of PLN 282. If we decide on a loan in the maximum amount of PLN 6,000, we will give PLN 7696,20.

Who can apply for a minute in Quick Cash

Citizens of Poland, who at the time of submitting the application are over 18 years old, holding a bank account in a Polish bank and an active cell phone number and do not have arrears in repayment of loans and credits previously taken.

Payday Loan, is another brand on the loan market, is distinguished by an easy inference process and decent acceptance of applications. Quick Cash owes to the fast process of applying for a loan and instant payment. The acceptability of loan applications is also at a high level, which is confirmed by the positive opinions of the company’s clients.

Delays in loan repayment

Delays in loan repayment

If there are problems with repayment, the Quick Cash loan gives us the opportunity to refinance the loan for a period of 7, 14 or 30 days. Refinancing should be made until the original loan repayment date. To this end, you must pay a loan refinancing fee.

More and more online payday companies

More and more online payday companies

Payday Loan, is another brand on the loan market, is distinguished by an easy inference process and decent acceptance of applications. Despite the fact that the costs are higher than average, its high position in the Fast Cash rankings owes to the quick process of applying for a loan and instant payment. The acceptability of loan applications is also at a high level, which is confirmed by the positive opinions of the company’s clients.

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Payday Loan Consolidation: What It Is and How It Works, Costs, Benefits and Disadvantages http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/22/payday-loan-consolidation-what-it-is-and-how-it-works-costs-benefits-and-disadvantages/ http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/22/payday-loan-consolidation-what-it-is-and-how-it-works-costs-benefits-and-disadvantages/#respond Fri, 22 Feb 2019 11:55:35 +0000 http://www.helicadesign.com/2019/02/22/payday-loan-consolidation-what-it-is-and-how-it-works-costs-benefits-and-disadvantages/  

Always, and especially before the progressive financialization of the banking system, credit institutions were characterized by the exercise of an activity in strong connection with the territory, through which they mainly responded to the credit needs advanced by the population. Among the possibilities, for customers of a credit institution who want to get money from this to start a new project or to make a wish, there is in addition to the classic financing also a much simpler alternative, which is characterized by being intended for those customers with a minimum need for liquidity and who do not want to submit to the payment of a predetermined periodic amount: the bank credit. Let’s discover together the features and the advantages.

A bank loan, otherwise called a credit line, can be granted to both private individuals and legal entities – private entities or companies – and is normally approved by the bank providing a preliminary investigation phase which includes both the income profile of the company, that of its operating subjects, to exclude any risk of fraudulent use or infractions of the anti-money laundering legislation in force. Another series of controls by the institution granting the award consists in the verification of the income capacity of the applicants, or in the possibility of seeing reimbursed the amounts entrusted by the bank, after a reasonable time and net of all related expenses to credit management. It goes without saying that the request for bank credit may prove to be a complex operation; much depends on the financial situation of the company and the income capacity of the applicants.

In how many types bank credit lines are divided

There are various forms of bank credit, specifically designed by credit institutions to meet the ever-changing customer credit needs and often very diversified income profiles. First of all there are the credit lines, ie those that are called bank overdrafts – this is the simplest and currently used bank credit facility – which is configured as the possibility for the client, to fall below its available balance in account, for a predetermined amount, which must be repaid to the institution at the end of the contract of assignment; during the holding of the relationship, you are required to pay monthly fees for using the credit line.

Among other forms of current account credit facilities, portfolio loans are very well known, used by companies to discount bills, bills of exchange or bank receipts at a discount. The invoices advance portfolio, specifically, can also be broken down by the option to transfer the loan to third parties.

What are the advantages of bank credit as a credit line


But what can be the economic advantages in terms of using the bank’s endorsement by the end customer? First of all, it should be noted that customers with the requisite requisites can make a quick and simple request and have almost real time a current account opening that can help them deal with any contingent needs and will not have to worry about repaying. with monthly installments, but planning the return. Another advantage associated with this type of credit is that relating to their cost-effectiveness; there are no particular commissions for the preliminary investigation and only the amounts deriving from the actual use of the credit facility will be payable to the bank, and only for the days in which they are responsible.

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